About Us

The design of the city is our cause.

The Coalition for a New Dallas’ mission is to rebuild the city’s urban core and revitalize neighborhoods by advocating and advancing public policies that improve mobility, increase prosperity, and enhance the quality of life across Dallas.

Through civic engagement, political advocacy, and policy expertise, the Coalition unites stakeholders to impact decisions on the local and state level that affect the city of Dallas. From tearing down highways that stifle economic growth and divide neighborhoods to advocating for smarter transportation solutions and informed leadership, we are focused on shaping Dallas for the next 100 years, not short-term political wins.

These are our core priorities:

  1. City Council candidates who believe in a more connected, walkable city—one that places ridership over rail and people over pavement.
  2. A transparent, open-bid process for Fair Park that prioritizes the creation of a signature park, while including and empowering surrounding neighborhoods and residents.
  3. The implementation of CityMap’s recommendations, specifically as it relates to the removing I-345 and replacing it with mixed-income, mixed-use neighborhoods in order to expand Dallas’ tax base and bring density (jobs, residents, and amenities) back to the urban core.
  4. Preventing the construction of a high-speed toll road from being built in the floodplain of the Trinity River because of the environmental implications and TXDOT’s transportation analysis that demonstrates negligible traffic improvements.
  5. A viable plan for the D2 Subway that is developed by stakeholders, through a transparent, open process. The selected alignment should not only improve DART’ light-rail system, but enhance mobility and generate transit-oriented development in downtown Dallas and Deep Ellum.
  6. Overhaul DART’s bus network to prioritize ridership by replacing the inefficient hub-and-spoke model with a high-frequency grid system.