1. Why is the movement to restore neighborhoods important to you?
I love Dallas, its people, and the passion we have for making our world better. When you look at the issues holding us back from being the city we can be truly be proud of, the state and strength of our neighborhoods is at the very center of where we can either grow or falter.

2. Why do you want to be involved with this movement?
Dallas is full of dreamers and doers, and being involved means being surrounded with people who act on their vision to make great ideas happen. I want the pride I have in those people and the city I live in—which is largely based on the design and art communities I’m involved in—to be irrefutable.

3. What does the word “neighborhood” mean to you, and where do you find that in Dallas?
“Neighborhood” means comfort, access, pride, community, and familiarity. I find that feeling wherever my friends are: Oak Cliff, Greenville, and downtown Dallas.