1. Why is the movement to restore neighborhoods important to you?

I live here. I want to enjoy life and help others do the same. I was raised by a single mother that put herself through law school.  We relied on support from our neighborhood. A neighbor helped me build and replace a broken mailbox, a neighbor took me to Big Bend with his family, and a neighbor helped me get home from school each day. Restored neighborhoods ensure the neighborhood shapes people’s lives in positive ways instead of hindering their potential.

2. Why do you want to be involved with this movement?

When we organize around something, we add value to it. When we add value, we increase opportunity and possibility.

3. What does the word “neighborhood” mean to you, and where do you find that in Dallas?

When I think of the word “neighborhood,” I think of a community.  For example, I live in Oak Lawn.  It’s a charming community with its own personality making it a great place to live.