1. Why is the movement to restore neighborhoods important to you?

Dallas is a good city to live and work. It could be so much greater if the urban core was more livable and accessible for a larger population of people, around the clock, 24-7, like it is in other major metropolitan areas. Connectivity between our neighborhoods will change Dallas from good to great.

2. Why do you want to be involved with this movement?

This city is my home. Having lived in other cities, I want Dallas to be as appealing for people starting out their careers for the first time as it is for those who have lived here a long time. Dallas is on the way but still can achieve so much more.

3. What does the word “neighborhood” mean to you, and where do you find that in Dallas?

Neighborhood is a way of life—where you can put down roots for however long and enjoy your surroundings and the people who live next door or down the street. There are many places to find that in Dallas: Oak Lawn, Lakewood, and throughout various parts of Oak Cliff.